Temperature Monitoring is Vital for Pharmaceutical Storage


Hospital Biprovincial Quillota Petorca is a new hospital with 200 beds in Santiago. To meet the pharmaceutical supply requirements of different patients, it intends to expand the scale of its pharmacy and upgrade the pharmacy storage product available for patients, striving to provide a secure and stable storage environment for pharmaceuticals.

“Cryogenic storage is vital for common microecological preparations, antibacterial agents, peptide hormone drugs, and external medicines. Cryogenic storage, on one hand, gives pharmaceuticals a more stable effect and on the other reduces the irritation of such pharmaceuticals. For the safety of patients, we must have excellent cold chain storage capabilities.” - Jeremiah, Management Lead of the Pharmaceutical Department.

As the world complete cold chain manufacturer and solutions provider, Haier Biomedical has won the bid for the Hospital Biprovincial Quillota Petorca Pharmacy Project with its superior product performance and excellent customer service and has delivered HYC-1099T pharmacy refrigerators and other cryogenic products to the hospital. Such cooperation has provided another opportunity for Haier Biomedical to cement our world leading products and solutions into South America, while gaining market stronger share due to our local in region partnerships.

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Haier Biomedical’s pharmacy refrigerators have won high recognition from the hospital with their superior performance, and the users spoke profoundly of the products:

"The reliable temperature control can provide secure storage conditions for our pharmaceuticals, and Haier Biomedical's ultra-low-temperature products can also meet our different cold storage needs."

User orientation has become the deep-rooted gene of Haier Biomedical’s growth. To help users better use the product, Haier Biomedical’s After-sales Team also provides customers with follow-up queries, problem-solving, technical support, and other related services.

Haier Biomedical has always maintained its leading role in the market, while seizing development opportunities to deliver excellent products and services to our global partners and key stakeholders.

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For example, the HYC-1099T pharmacy refrigerator features intelligent and interactive touchscreen control which allows users to monitor and check temperature graphs, running status events, and alarm records. In terms of data storage, the pharmacy refrigerator can store 10 years of temperature data and supports the query and traceability of historical data. Also, USB and printer are optional, and the temperature data is downloadable. In terms of secure access and authorization management, the pharmacy refrigerator is designed with an NFC permission system and magnetic lock system to ensure product safety. In addition, access to storage cells and the stored items can be traced. Environmentally, the HYC-1099T pharmacy refrigerator is designed with the world-leading hydrocarbon refrigeration technology, which does not damage to the ozone layer and has virtually zero greenhouse effect.

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