Health Care Products

Health Care Products

Smart Autonomous Disinfection Units
Scheduled disinfection tasks

Autonomous obstacle avoidance and autonomous navigational system

Automatic return to charging station

User remote deployment

Air Purification Sterilizer

Ultra-effective, triple-action disinfection - plasma, UV plus titani um dioxide photocatalyst and nano-silver ion filtration

Kills up to > 99.9% of viruses and bacteria within air

Negative-ion generator for clean fresh air

Infrared Thermometer

Highly sensitive infrared probe

Supporting noncontact measurement within one or two seconds

LED digital display

One-unit multi-purpose

Human body & general environment modes

Comfortable to hold

Blood Pressure Monitor

Low-noise design

One-button start

Memory storage

ABS Material +LCD big screen display

WHO Standards

Oxygen Concentrator

·High quality compressor

·Durable and efficient molecular sieve

·Oxygen concentration above 90%

·Settable oxygen absorption time

·High-performance solenoid valve

·Safe and odorless Dow Corning silicone tube

Biosafety Screening Swab Booth

Positive Pressure Fresh Air System

Air Filtration System

Body Temperature Measuring System

Virus Killing System

LCD Display System