Haier Biomedical’s Acquisition of Suzhou Kangsheng Demonstrates its Ambition to Further Expand Smart Laboratory Solution Scenarios


Haier Biomedical is accelerating its steps of acquisitions. On December 5th, Haier Biomedical acquired Suzhou Kangsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou Kangsheng"), a leader in the field of domestic consumables. This acquisition marks the next steps by Haier Biomedical to incorporate disposable laboratory plastic consumables into its business portfolio and expand smart laboratory application solution scenarios. 

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Suzhou Kangsheng mainly engages in R&D, production, and sales of laboratory plastic consumables. The company mainly manufactures pipette tips and molecular consumables and are rapidly expanding its presence into the field of cryopreserving, cell culture, and microbial applications. Since its inception, Suzhou Kangsheng has developed rapidly and accumulated an abundance of technological capabilities and resources.

Smart laboratory solutions have always been one of the main engines that drives our efforts in our growth in the field of life science. By utilizing the Internet of Things, big data, AI, 5G and other emerging technologies, Haier Biomedical created 7 core scenarios such as microbiology laboratory and cell laboratory, providing customized services for more than 10,000 universities, scientific research institutions, and enterprises across the world.

This acquisition signals another move by Haier Biomedical to explore digital scenario ecosystems in life science, a move that will unleash new potentials for domestic and international markets. Suzhou Kangsheng will not only improve the technical level of laboratory consumables of Haier Biomedical, but also help to enhance its brand influence and continue our global market growth.

Currently, the international biomedical markets enjoy a promising future, for example, the Asia-Pacific and European markets have a great demand for smart laboratories. The acquisition of Suzhou Kangsheng will help us build our global presence and build up the scale of our company, partners, key stakeholders and more importantly provide professional solutions for end users.

Since the acquisition, Haier Biomedical and Suzhou Kangsheng will jointly create a global leading brand in laboratory consumables to provide users with cost -effective, time-efficient, high-quality, and customized laboratory consumable solutions. This will be achieved by leveraging the advantage of Haier Biomedical in laboratory scenario solutions, Suzhou Kangsheng will cover all needs of laboratory users. This will also strengthen the ability of Haier Biomedical to continuously meet users' needs and enhance the benefits of international users.

Additionally, Suzhou Kangsheng has a mature technology development platform and manufacturing process, and Haier Biomedical boasts wide sales channels around the world, a far-reaching global brand with influence and comprehensive platform capabilities. These strengths will enable the two parties to break through technical, brand, and channel barriers to build a different competitive edge, accelerate the development of global markets, and unleash greater potential for growth.

From the Haier Biomedical team to the end user, the synergy, integration, and innovation in areas such as the supply chain, market and solution will improve its capacity for high-end manufacturing. By building digital platforms and establishing capabilities for professional fast support, Haier Biomedical will continue to refine services of smart laboratories and expand into application scenarios such as biopharmaceuticals and IVD diagnosis. This will allow the company to continue its leading role in equipment, platform, and services in the medical and life science sectors.