Haier Biomedical Successfully Finished our Journey at ArabLab 2022!


On October 26, the 3-days’ Dubai ArabLab 2022 Exhibition came to a successful close. During the event, the Haier Biomedical team showcased biobank and laboratory solutions and products to customers, partners and organized a seminar for on-site demonstration and training. Haier Biomedical once again showcased its brand development concept of life sciences and medical innovation with high-quality products and services.

haier biomedical team in ArabLab.jpg

Explained the solutions and products for visitors

haier biomedical team in ArabLab-02.jpg

Visitors showed great interest in Haier Biomedical’s Cryo Freezers

Haier Biomedical's cryogenic storage products, biosafety cabinets, and CO2 incubators to name but a few, have received high recognition and appreciation from customers. The seminar turned out to be a great success.

haier biomedical training seminar in ArabLab-01.jpg

The seminar onsite

After the seminar, the participants took a group photo with the Haier Biomedical team and expressed their desire for in-depth cooperation in the future.

haier biomedical team in ArabLab-03.jpg

Haier Biomedical’s products, technologies, and services always benefit the global to achieve intelligent protection of life science. In the future, Haier Biomedical will adhere to technology innovation, focus on market needs , and keep a closer relationship with our stakeholders and partners around the world to increase the global market share with mutual trust, mutual benefit, for win-win solutions.

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