Haier Biomedical’s Liquid Nitrogen Containers Contribute to Gene Solutions Research


Gene Solutions is a well-known medical institution engaging in the research, development, and application of genome sequencing tests in Vietnam. Based in Ho Chi Minh, it has several branches in Hanoi, Bangkok, Manila, and Jakarta.

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As of March 2022, Gene Solutions has performed more than 400,000 tests, including more than 350,000 tests for pregnant women, more than 30,000 preventive screenings, and more than 20,000 diagnoses for inpatient children, which has greatly enriched the local database of genetic information.

Based on genome testing projects, Gene Solutions helps people better understand their genetic backgrounds and access personalized health management consulting services through the gene solutions ecosystem. Comprised of four parts: pregnancy care, cancer liquid biopsy, genetic disease screening, and genetic disease detection, the gene solutions ecosystem contributes significantly to the development of life science.

Since 2017, the founding team of top scientists from Gene Solutions has been working on raising healthcare standards by leveraging next-generation sequencing because of extracellular DNA research, striving to help and improve people’s life quality and prolonging life for the benefit of people in Vietnam and surrounding areas in Southeast Asia.

Haier Biomedical is really honored to become a partner of Gene Solutions and provide the institution with superior quality products. After a brief discussion, the two parties reached their first collaboration agreement, according to which Haier Biomedical supplied the Gene Solutions lab with YDS-65-216-FZ liquid nitrogen containers for secure storage of biological samples.

How YDS-65-216-Z is capable to obtain the good graces at first sight of the customer? Let’s follow Dr. Bear to have a closer look at it.

Haier Biomedical Liquid Nitrigen Container-smart series.jpg

Dual monitoring of temperature and liquid lever separately

Liquid Nitrigen Container-Cloud data for better traceability.jpg

Cloud data for better traceability

Double lock and double control design.png

Double lock and double control design

Colour identification for Rack handles.png

Colour identification for Rack handles

Gene Solutions recently completed the installation of the liquid nitrogen containers in its lab with the help of the local partner. To bring the user a better product experience, the Haier Biomedical overseas after-sales team has conducted systematic training for the user and provided preventative maintenance services against the product operations and the possible problems during use. Haier Biomedical's professional after-sales service capability has won high recognition from the users, which further reinforces their trust in the brand and lays a solid foundation for future cooperation between the two parties.


With a clear focus to ensure the “Intelligent protection of life science”, Haier Biomedical deepens its "product + service" model, expands product categories, and refines its global network layout continuously under the drive of science and technology to further increase the international market share.

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