Haier Biomedical Supports the Development of Japan


Known as the forever sunrise industry, the biomedicine industry is closely related to the length and quality of people’s life, and it is developing rapidly in various countries. In Japan, for example, has attached great importance to the overall planning and technological innovation of the biomedicine industry since the 1980s. With the progress of scientific research and technology, Japan's medical cold chain market has achieved significant development.

As the world complete cold chain manufacturer and solutions provider, Haier Biomedical has the highest level of reputation as the world leader in our sector in international markets. And recently, Haier Biomedical's ULT equipment and biosafety cabinets have won orders successively in Japan.

With the support of our local partner, Haier Biomedical’s blood refrigerators and ultra-low temperature freezers have been put into use smoothly, playing an important role in laboratory, blood, medicine and other related scenarios successfully.

Haier Biomedical biosafety cabinet used in Japan.jpg

Other world leading products from Haier Biomedical, including biosafety cabinets are also popular in the Japanese market. With its superior performance, the HR30-IIA2 biosafety cabinet has been successfully installed in a private laboratory in Tokyo. A laboratory at Nagoya University in Tokyo has also purchased the HR1200-IIA2 and HR-1500-IIA2 biosafety cabinets from Haier Biomedical to protect researchers from pathogenic microorganisms during experiments.

The biomedicine industry cannot move an inch without the support of safe, reliable, and secure cold chain solutions. Therefore, Haier Biomedical strives to deliver the best and most internationally renowned quality products and professional technical support to the users by optimizing product performance and contribute Haier Biomedical's wisdom to the development of scientific research.

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